Now What?

i have been vegan for 14 days now, and then came questions i asked myself, like ‘now what?’, ‘what to eat?’, ‘where to find vegan foods on a budget?’.

when i began my journey, those were some of the questions that i had in mind, considering my background. thankfully, in today’s world, researching is just a click away. so aside from the book The Kind Diet, i went to Google and informed myself on how to go vegan without hurting my wallet.

in all honesty, veggies, fruits, and grains are not that expensive. a bag of beans costs only $2.00, maybe even less. a cabbage head costs more or less $2 as well. i bought the basics just to get started. while beginners like me may not be able to afford organic produce, the best thing to do is just wash the veggies and fruits thoroughly. markets also sell a spray solution called Veggie Wash.

i’ve also watched recipe videos on YouTube. one example is Miso Soup. this is probably one of my favorites. i was into my third day of being vegan, when i thought of making it. so i searched, and it lead me to a video from the website it is an amazing site! it has dishes from starters, to main dish, and even desserts. the best part is that every recipe has a video. it’s a must to check the site out.

another concern i have is what i should do when i am invited to a party. will it be nice to tell the host that i am no longer a meat eater? will they be offended? perplexed? while there may be stigma on mental illness, relationships between couples with huge age gaps, there is stigma on being vegan too. most of the time, non vegan or vegetarian people look down on vegans/vegetarians alike. they think that vegans starve themselves because they don’t eat meat. sometimes they also think that vegans are people who think they are better than others. what i think is that we are being better for us, not for them. but that is something they don’t understand. at least not yet.

so, going back to party invitations, i know what is usually served in a filipino party. because we serve a lot of food, there’s plenty for me to choose from that is mainly veggies. but what if it’s hosted by someone with a different ethnicity? should you be hoping and praying that it’s a potluck so you can bring your own food? what do you think? what can you suggest? i hope to hear from you soon.







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