Pinay Vegan

pinay vegan? 

that’s right. i am pinay (short term for filipina), and i am vegan. and my journey to being one didn’t start until only 14 days ago.

a couple of days before my lifestyle change, my son and i were at a mall, and i saw a store called One Dollar Store. so i decided to check it out while the kids went pokemon hunting (i’m rolling my eyes here). i looked around, and i found the book that i’ve been wanting to get, but for budget reasons, i was unable to. it’s Alicia Silverstone’s ‘The Kind Diet’.


i was overjoyed upon seeing the book, so of course i bought it. and i haven’t stopped reading it since then. just the first few chapters alone has made me realize that going vegan is the best way for me.

but how will that be when i was born and raised in a carnivorous country that lives on a ‘waste not, want not’ motto? and especially when most of the parties that i go to are being hosted by my friends or family, even though i live in California now? i began to contemplate on how to impose the discipline that i needed in order to go through. but as i went along Alicia’s testimony about her own decision to switch, i thought that i can do it too.

i started slow on the first day, with only having 1 hard boiled egg as my ‘meat’. the rest of the day were just veggies and fruits. and then i began to write my food journal. when my fourth day came, i felt the transition became easy for me.

how did i feel after? upon the first week, here are some of the things i noticed has happened to me since my first day:

  • not feeling stuffed from whatever i ate the night before, so no indigestion problems,
  • no common pms symptoms that i usually encounter, e.g. breast soreness,
  • not feeling the ‘food coma’ that i usually feel after eating a meat based meal,
  • no sunlight sensitivity, and
  • the lbs were starting to drop

of course, i also had a withdrawal symptom from abstaining animal products, and i felt it on the second day. but i decided not to take any pain meds as soon as i realize what it was. lo and behold, it was gone on the third day. that’s one happy liver inside me.

in the book, Alicia mentioned one thing about consuming meat: when we eat meat, the food goes into our body, which has a normal temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. it’s like taking out frozen meat out of the freezer and letting it sit in the kitchen counter, in a room that’s very warm. and to make things worse, meat takes 72 hours to digest. so think of the day you ate meat during breakfast, lunch and dinner. that’s 3 portions times 72 hours, and that’s only in one day. imagine the rest of the time you consumed meat from the moment you turned 1 year old. gross!

i am guilty here, because i was one of those people. so i don’t think i am completely weaned off any animal products that i have consumed my whole life. like any decision, it takes process. amazingly, i felt the difference almost immediately. and let’s talk about weight here for a minute: i weighed myself on the first day, and i was 160 pounds. now, my stature is not the usual person with that weight: big belly, big arms, bigger hips and legs. i have a big-boned structure. i am 5’6″ tall, and my boobs are more noticeable than my belly and my legs. not something that a typical filipina would look like. whenever i put on weight, my face gets bigger, and i feel my clothes getting tighter. so that became one of the reasons why i switched.  i lost 5 lbs on the 9th day. and i haven’t even done any extreme workouts. so in comparison to the ‘juice cleansing’ trend, i really did a major cleansing, and that is getting rid of animal products, altogether. i may be just beginning, but i know that i am going to see results that will last a lifetime.





3 thoughts on “Pinay Vegan

  1. Hi;
    I really like how you write. you are inspiring me to become vegan as well. Could you possible post a picture of the book you’re talking about? I’d like to get it. Thank you.


  2. Hello!

    I have updated thsi blog, and you’ll see the picture of the book i was raving about.

    i am glad that i am inspiring you, and i hope that before you make the decision, you will consult your physician or certified nutritionist first. good luck and thank you!


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