Colon Flush: Is It Safe?

a few years ago, i was browsing what to watch on TV, and i saw ‘You Are What You Eat’ on the BBC America line up. i thought it might be interesting so i checked it out. it was a show hosted by Gillian McKeith, a certified scottish nutritionist and TV presenter, and it is like a reality show where the main purpose is not only to educate the participants about the important nutrition that the body needs, but also to help them lose weight.

some of the participants were single people, couples, mother and son or sometimes the whole family. she tackled about what their typical meal was during the week, physical activities and health history. it was a shock to see the show because they ate junk in scary amounts and has less physical activity. so after she analyzes their lifestyle, she comes up with a special plan that they must follow. on one episode, she told her participant to schedule a colonic.

what is a Colonic? also known as Colon Hydrotherapy or Colon Irrigation, it’s an alternative to medical therapy to clean the colon and intestinal tract. mostly, a person can do self colonics by taking supplements, while another can do an Enema at home. but none of her participants did that. instead, they went to an actual Colon Hydrotherapist in a clinic. i got intrigued because i have never seen it before. the patient lays on her side in a bed, and a special tube is inserted in her rectum, then purified water goes inside the colon and is flushed back out, taking out all of the indigested food that has been there for a while. long story short, her participants lost a significant amount of weight, and their lifestyle has changed. the show doesn’t exist anymore but ever since then i became interested in trying it out. thankfully, there was a deal from Groupon that offered 3 sessions for the price of one. so i purchased the coupon and scheduled myself.

the clinic itself was clean, the staff was very accommodating, and the ambiance made me feel like i was in a luxurious spa. when it was my turn, my therapist made me feel comfortable, and she answered any question i had in mind. what i like is that every tool she used is clean, individually wrapped and tamper resistant. while the session is going on, she and i began to chat. then she showed me a picture of a colon that was taken out from a mentally ill patient that passed away from complications due to enlarged bowel because he was not pooping at all from a certain age until his death. i wish i took a picture of it, but just imagine this- his colon was stretched out for measuring purposes during autopsy, and its length is the same as the guy’s height: 6 feet. the diameter is as thick as the size of a 1 liter Coke bottle’s middle part. and it was a surprise that it never busted while it was still inside the body. that’s literally a lot of crap. so when i was done, she reminded me to watch what i eat and drink loads of water to avoid constipation. the session took 45 minutes, and after the last session, i felt that my stomach was less bloated and lighter.

for me it was a rare experience but also informative, because we talked about nothing else but crap and making the right food choices. during the session she told me about avoiding certain foods like mushrooms and corn because they don’t digest at all. she also told me to avoid rice, meat, sugar and certain grains, which unfortunately i don’t remember. now that i am vegan, i understood what she told me then, because i noticed a huge change in my bowel movement since i switched.

in my previous blog, i talked about how my poop’s odor isn’t as overwhelming anymore unlike before. i realized then that my poor diet affected the smell of my poop, and there is an explanation for its foul odor. my colonic therapist explained to me how the food travels inside our body. the way i understand it is that after our ingested food goes through a breakdown, our system stores the good nutrients we need, and disposes the bad ones. what is unwanted comes out of from the end of the small intestine (which is on our bottom right side of the tummy) and goes into the large intestine, or colon. what enters the colon travels upwards and towards the left side of our body and out the toilet. it will only move once the crap ahead of it is pushed out, because it can’t go anywhere else. it isn’t capable of ‘cutting off’ by maneouvering its way out of the colon to the john. so remember this: when you visit the loo for number 2, you are not pooping out the food you just ate hours before, but it’s what you had days, weeks, maybe even months ago. hence the horrible odor that lingers for a while once you get out of the bathroom. for meat eaters, the digestion and movement takes 72 hours longer. and because of that, constipation occurs.

for vegans like me, that shouldn’t be a problem because we have a plant based diet, and our food digests easily. what i want to address is that should you decide to give it a go, it is very important to do a very thorough research about colonics done with the help of a professional, and it is an option only unless recommended otherwise. i experienced it, and i am raving about it. is it safe? for me it is, because all the therapist uses is purified water. but it may not be for everybody. some are for it, and they say that it made them lose weight. some are against it because they say they don’t see any difference. in my opinion, it was a good choice for me because what i was after is the health of my colon.

what about you? what do you think? have you done it before? what was your experience?


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