Oh Tempeh! 

when i used to eat meat, i thought that vegans were picky and missing out on a lot of delectable dishes. turns out, i am now one of them: picky in terms of eating only the good stuff (veggies, fruits and whole grains), and have been missing out on the healthy benefits all this time. i realized then that they were right from the start. and for that, i stand corrected.

veganism has opened a whole new world of creativity and uniqueness that i never knew existed in me. i became more attentive to what i eat, and i am now more excited in cooking. before, i would get frustrated of thinking what to make for lunch or supper. now it feels like it just comes to me, and i am loving the new me.

with that being said,  i researched on healthy meat alternatives and other products that are made just for vegans. i went to the market after making my list. in it, one of them is Tempeh. i heard of it before but i never tried it at all. it’s made from soybeans and looks like a long lump of sticky rice in a pack. so i got one, which costs around $5. i’ve never been more excited to come home and cook.

i went to YouTube and searched for tempeh, and of all the videos that showed how to cook it, the simplest way that i saw was to just fry it and add a bit of soy sauce to taste. so i did, and then i tried it. the taste was phenomenal, and it has this nutty, rice flavor. i loved it so much that i even poured sweet chili sauce to it. it was like eating tater tots. it also gave me some dish ideas and that made me excited even more. you may eat tempeh as is, with quinoa or with salad. the beauty of it is that whether you eat it by itself or with other foods, you feel full without the lousy ‘food coma’ effect.

(photo credit: google.com)


One thought on “Oh Tempeh! 

  1. Gotta admit, the tempeh you served me was delicious. And while it was a first for me, it certainly won’t be the last time I eat this amazing food.


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