Restau-Review Of The Month: Green Earth Vegan Cuisine

on my second day of being vegan, my husband and i decided to go to a restaurant that we haven’t been before. since he knew about my lifestyle change, he assigned me to research for a vegan place close by, and Green Earth Vegan Cuisine was the first on the list.

situated in the busy street of Fair Oaks Avenue in Pasadena, California, the place is small, quaint and clean. the staff were also very friendly, and answered the questions i had at the time. the menu is very simple yet very descriptive. they also have the following options for some of the food:

  • Gluten Free (GF)
  • Gluten Free Option (GFO)
  • Soy Free (SF)
  • Soy Free Option (SFO)

i ordered the Bun Xao, which is vietnamese stir-fried rice noodles with veggies, and my husband ordered the Curry Fried Rice. we were very pleased with the food. the flavors are very rich, tasty, and not overwhelming. of course we didn’t skip dessert, so we shared the Organic Carrot Cake. now, for most carrot cakes, the frosting is so sweet that it ruins your palette to eat the rest. in this case, the sweetness, texture and flavors blended perfectly that nothing was left on the plate. for the two of us, all we spent was a total of $25. and the serving size was good enough for us that we did not eat dinner anymore. you won’t feel any of that nasty, heavy fullness in your stomach.

so whether you are a full pledged vegan, or just want to try something different, this restaurant is highly recommended. although the place itself doesn’t have its own parking space, it was well worth it. for more information, you may visit their website at


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