I attended Sunday church service today, and we regularly have potlucks every second and fourth Sunday of the month. Since I’m the only vegan in the group, I bring something that I can both share and eat. It was fun being back after missing quite a few Sundays. 

As usual, there was nonstop laughter, joking around and catching up among each other, and a whole lot of gasps when they saw me again, because I am now 20 pounds lighter. That is thanks to veganism, and I am still slapping myself from disbelief when I hear the words “you’re looking better”, “how much weight did you lose?”, and “wow!”. 

Upon going around and asking my co-members about how they’ve been, one of them said that he is on a strict diet. He had pre-diabetes and a few others that is linked to high cholesterol. When I asked him what the doctor told him to start eating, I couldn’t help but shake my head when I heard his answer: 

  • artificial sweetener
  • meat 
  • poultry

Take note: he is not allowed to eat fruits, nor use natural cane sugar. 

If one has high cholesterol and pre-diabetes, aren’t these the foods that should be avoided? And to top it off, when I told him to sub meat for tofu, he explained that the doctor told him that meat protects the muscles. From what? 

It’s sad to know that most of us are being brainwashed that meat is the easiest solution to strengthen the body, when in reality it’s doing the opposite. I am not perfect in any way, shape or form, but now that I have felt and noticed the benefits of avoiding animal products completely, I highly recommend anyone to start doing the same. It’s not as easy, especially for people like me that were raised in a carnivorous country, but if you’re willing to try even for just one week a month, it’s already good enough.

By the way, I am now a proud size 4 from being a size 8 six months ago. Proof of the pudding: 

I had tears in my eyes from excitement and pride upon trying them all because these clothes show that I have finally done the right thing for me, not only physically, but mentally and emotinally.